Hello everyone, my name is Shawn Evans and I was born and raised in Peterborough Ontario. I’m known as the “baby” of the family as I am the youngest of 4 siblings. My parents Paul and Carlie Evans brought me into this world on April 28th, 1986.

I come from a large sports family in Peterborough where we have excelled in Hockey and Lacrosse. I started playing lacrosse at the age of 3 and haven’t put my lacrosse stick down since. I grew a passion and love for the game of lacrosse early in my life and it has only grown stronger to this day.

I continue to play at the highest level and I push myself to be at my best every time I step on to the turf. I’m a big believer that my personal successes wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my teammates and coaches over my many years of playing. As serious and competitive as I am the biggest thing to always remember is to have “FUN”.

I still live in Peterborough Ontario where I share my life with my amazing wife Kayla and Beautiful daughters Paityn and twin daughters Ella and Emery.

I’m looking forward to teaching the next generation of lacrosse players the knowledge I have learned over my 27 years and counting of playing this great game of Lacrosse.

Shawn Evans